Pastoral Services

& Sacraments

Church Sacraments

There are special experiences in our communal life as Orthodox Christians when our experience of God’s presence is heightened and celebrated. We call these events of the Church Sacraments.

Traditionally, the Sacraments have been known as Mysteries in the Orthodox Church. This description emphasizes that in these special events of the Church, God discloses Himself to His people in an intimate and personal way.

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Our Church connects and invests in the lives of our parishioners by bringing them the light and love of Christ during their most vulnerable and joyful times.

Contact the office to schedule a pastoral visit:

  • Home, office, or business blessings

  • Hospital visits

  • Infant blessings (day of birth, 8th day, 40th day)

  • Nursing home and senior visits

  • Holy Unction

  • Funerals

  • Memorials or graveside Trisagion