Get Involved

How do I get connected?

Whether you are an Orthodox Christian seeking a new Church home or a friend from another faith tradition seeking the timeless Orthodox Faith, we welcome you. 

Many people have been exposed to a false iteration of the Christian Church. Many have been harmed by controlling authority figures or abandoned by their religious group in times of crisis. We at St. Philip are committed to sharing a compassionate, loving, empowering, and liberating experience of God. 

We invite and welcome you to visit us, experience our worship, and meet our loving community. If you would like to explore parish involvement further, the following steps will help you learn more and engage our ministries and programs.

Although Orthodox parishes may carry a designation of Greek Orthodox or Russian Orthodox or some other ethnic identity, this does not imply that you need to be of a certain ethnic origin to join us in worship or to consider becoming an Orthodox Christian. 

We welcome all to join us on our spiritual journey. 


Worship is central to our Faith—and is probably one of the best ways to get familiar with the central ideas, essence and outlook of Orthodox Christianity. Coming to Divine Liturgy often will place you in a direct experience of God, allowing you to enter into His Heavenly Kingdom, which "is at hand" (Lk 10:9). By worshipping alongside other faithful and committed Christians, you also will build your relationship with Jesus Christ, your understanding of His Church, and the salvation He offers to all. 


Make it a point to meet our priest so he may personally welcome you to St. Philip and help familiarize you with the parish, as well as answer any questions you might have about the Orthodox Faith. Contact the Church Office to make an appointment with our priest to  ask any questions you might have


Take a look at our Ministries Pages, the monthly Come & See newsletter, the Weekly Bulletin, and make sure to join our email list to learn all about our parish. See something you want to know more about or possibly participate in? Let us know! The presence, commitment, energy and talents of our parishioners are vital to our community. Contact the office and we will connect you with the relevant ministry or program leader.


A terrific way to meet our parishioners and explore your interests is to offer your time and talent at St. Philip. Opportunities abound from helping with our Sunday School and youth groups, to supporting outreach and philanthropic efforts, to organizing community events such as dances, outings, luncheons and fundraisers. 


If you would like to make St. Philip your spiritual home, we would be delighted to welcome you to our community!