We are pleased to invite all to join a special presentation of the new film "The Face of God: The Orthodox Church on Climate Change".

We will be joined by Stephan Maranian (BA, MS Environmental Science) to share his experience as an Orthodox Christian studying climate change. There will be discussion time following the film.

THE FACE OF GOD: The Orthodox Church on Climate Change

The Face of God is a film about God and nature, faith and climate change, the experience of Orthodox communities around the world facing and experiencing changes in their lives now; this is a film about beauty, ecology, theology, sanctity, our relationship to the natural world, love, asceticism, and always it is about the radiant living icon of the face of God in creation. We are showcasing our most important Church voices, highest ranking hierarchs, scientists, politicians, lay leaders, theologians, and communities around the world, and gathering the witness of the whole church on the defining issue of our time.

Produced by The Orthodox Fellowship of the Transfiguration, and written and directed by Fr Kaleeg Hainsworth, the Face of God will has been released world-wide on January 06th, 2021. Join us here for footage, news, interviews, and to follow the global journey of this film through the wealth, beauty, and transformative power of our Church’s witness to nature, climate change, and ecological stewardship. We are making this film with love, prayer, personal sacrifice, and with integrity. We would all dearly love your support and prayer.

Stephan Maranian has spent many years at the Metropolis of Boston Camp as a camper, cabin staff, program assistant, and boy's director. Steeped in the Orthodox Christian tradition through those formative experiences encountering God in the forests of Contoocook, NH, Stephan was drawn to dedicate his higher education to caring for and preserving the environment. Stephan received a BA in Environmental Science from St. Anselm University in Manchester, NH, and an MS in Environmental Science from UMass Boston. He is currently at Suffolk Law School, studying Environmental and Energy Law and plans to spend his summer working in NH on legal matters specific to climate change.